Day 16: “I brought doughnuts!”


Doughnuts… that’s just the best way to start your day! (Who’s with me?) Today our Audit professor brought warm and fresh doughnuts to class. I guess that summarizes my day. It. was. great.

Next week we have our first round of official accounting tests (well, the other many tests I’ve taken were also official… this just feels official-er) 😉 Of course the tension is building up and I’m feeling already lost. I’ve been trying to get a head start on my studying, but it’s just so much information. I’m actually glad that over the weekend I got some extra HW done because otherwise I would be so overwhelmed.

Today was a relatively calm day. I was in the library all day because I had so much reading to do (and because I forgot to take my apartment keys with me haha). The weather has been great (so I wear skirts to school) 🙂 Last week it was cloudy and rainy, but not this week. The sun is up and shinning and the leaves on the trees are already changing of color! I just love fall season! and pumpkin cookies.


P.S. Have you noticed how passionate I am about food? I wonder why I can’t feel the same way about exercise 🙂

P.S.S. Do you want to watch a funny video? Well, it might just be funny for accountants. I don’t know. Just watch it. CPA! CPA!

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