Day 18: Goal posters


Today we had a Professional Communications Day with KPMG. We had fun activities and I learned new things. At the end of the day, KMPG gave us doughnuts (all week long I’ve been eating doughnuts!! I think I’m going to need new jeans by the end of the month) and a hoodie. My professor was right, all of these companies are trying to win us over with free clothing apparel and food -and because we are poor college students I think is actually working 🙂 I promise, I’ve never had so many BYU t-shirts/notebooks/pens/cups/gym bags before. I get a new freebie from a different company pretty much every day. I think I can get used to it 😉

Today I also had the opportunity to hear from Amy Rees Anderson. She is such an inspiration! She has this cool theory about posters that she shares with the audience every time she speaks. You can read more about it here. This is the second time that I get to hear from Amy and on both occasions I’ve left the room feeling empowered and inspired. The good thing… she has a blog!! So now I get to feel this way everyday! How amazing is that? Go check it out!


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