Preppy Sunday


People say old habits die hard; I guess it’s true. Most of my years at school I had to wear a uniform (Rory Gilmore’s style 🙂 ). I guess I never got over the plaid pleated skirts, blazers, knee socks, and cross ties. In fact, I came to love the preppiness of my uniform and now it has become a necessary part of my style. I love neat, simple, and conservative clothes because you can’t never go wrong with them, right? Right!

Okay, life has been pretty busy lately. It’s all very ironic, I love school uniforms, but school work? Not so much (maybe not at all 😉 ). I’m in the thick of the semester, with so many things to do and so little time to do them. My mind is begging for Thanksgiving break to come around. I could really use a few days off and a table full of food. Actually, November is just one week away… can you believe it?

All the many things I have going on have made me realized how grateful I am for my friends and family. Today please reach out to the people you appreciate and tell them… tell them they’ve changed your life and tell them how grateful you are for their existence. I know I am! 🙂

Have a great week,

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