Fall is here!


Yes, I know, fall has been here since… what’s it been? A month? I don’t know… The point is that even when fall had officially started the days still were warm and sunny. This week, however, the air turned crisp and chilly. And I’m loving it! I absolutely love fall scenery because… well, how can you not love it? The tree leaves everywhere, the stunning colors, the ideal temperature, and the perfect excuse to wear boots and cozy sweaters 😉 .

So that’s what I did over the weekend… I packed the last summer clothes that were left in my closet and unpacked my sweaters, scarfs, and boots. I also stopped by MAC and well… lipsticks, right? Yes. My sister had told me that the Rebel lipstick was the one to have this fall. I wasn’t sure whether to wear it because it’s such a dark color and it made me very self-conscious. After a long time of going back and forth, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, when I put it on I was still feeling self-conscious, but as time passed by the color grew on me. At the end of the day I was already in love with it. I say, give it a try!

This week is going to be busy. I get some comfort on knowing that I’m done with my midterms and that now I only have finals left (which is not a comforting thought at all!). Anyway, I hope you have a great day today. Let’s smile and keep moving forward! 🙂


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