Friday four


:: one ::           I made it to DC! I cannot believe it’s been a month already. My internship has certainly kept me busy but I’ll be posting more about it later next week so be sure to come back for a full recap. Also, please be kind enough as to overlook my messy hair and shiny face. DC is so humid! I always feel short of breath (that might also be because my exercise routine is binge watching Gilmore Girls while eating ice cream) 😛


:: two ::          I’ve been doing some research on places to eat (aka Pinterest) while in DC, and naturally I had to start with… drum roll please… donuts! Astro Doughnuts have this amazing cream-brulee doughnut that is just perfection. It’s too sweet, to be completely honest, but at the same time highly addictive. I also tried the PB&J (not working on my bikini body obviously) but the cream-brulee is without a doubt the winner.



:: three ::            Yes, homemade pancakes. Because what’s better than sleeping in on a Saturday and having pancakes for breakfast? Clearly, the answer is nothing 🙂



:: four ::             The view from the rooftop of my building. The weather has been unpredictable in DC, but it’s mostly sunny. Isn’t this view gorgeous? Any guesses as to where I’ll be reading my books in the next couple of months?


Have a happy and safe weekend!


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