How I’m trying keep my sanity…


It already feels like the end of summer. June and July were very chill months. August, however, has been a more active one, mentally and physically. I started getting the back-to-school anxiety waves that alternate with the this-is-my-last-year-of-schooling (YAY!) excitement waves. It’s hard to admit (especially to myself) that sooner than I think I’ll be an adult accountable to other people than myself. It’s even harder to deal with the uncertainty that the future holds. I constantly have to repeat myself ‘Everything will work out. Everything will work out’. But alas, there are days when it’s inevitable not to feel like I’m lagging behind.

To keep my sanity from all these worries/distractions here’s what I’ve tried:

Podcasts: I have gotten myself into podcasts and it’s been wonderful. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but sometimes you just get tired of listening to music to the point where even your favorite music seems dull. Do you know what I’m saying? Hopefully you get the idea. Podcasts came to save the day (day? they saved my last couple of months!)

Baking: Last week I finished my last online class of my baking class. Yes, they are a thing. Who knew that baking would be so relaxing? The kitchen is always a mess afterwards but washing the dishes while bread is baking is oddly soothing for one’s soul –at least it soothes my soul. I like the fact that this is a skill that perfects over time so it gives me the perfect excuse to ‘invest’ in cake tins, pans, scales, etc. So it’s my hope that I will have to work on perfecting this skill for many years so that when I’m a grandma I can bake with my grandkids (*thinks too much about the future*). Side note: I love owning a spatula knife. Life changing, let me tell you.

Reading: Does this come to a surprise to anyone? No, probably no. During this summer I’ve caught up with all the reading I’ve neglected during fall and winter semesters (thank you accounting books for kindly taking all of my time). There have been a few massive misses and some hits but before summer ends I think I need to revisit my all-time favorite: Little Women. Never not a good time to read this one.

Also, I’m starting a new project: The Chalkboard method. Currently gathering the paper, markers, etc. so that I can get it going. One of the goals is to have a post at least once a week (I’m thinking Mondays) if anything, to document how miserable school will make my life this upcoming year. Don’t you love pessimistic Diana? 😉




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