I do not know why it has taken me so long to write this post.

Actually, no. I know exactly why it has taken me so long; this past month has been freakin’ hard! That’s why. I think this is the first time I have written this sentence: I live in Austin. I live in Austin and I really do not really know what this means. ‘Living’ is such a simple word: the act of being; but perhaps today you will allow me to be more philosophical about the meaning of this word. How do you know you are living somewhere? If the word really means the act of being, then what is being? Is it sufficient to be physically present somewhere to be living there? Is it supposed to be as easy as changing your address on you driver license? It obviously is not.

Sometimes I feel like I am not really living here. Like, I am physically here but my life is not here. I want to believe this is normal when you uproot yourself to move somewhere where you had never even been before. But even so, how long does it freakin’ take to feel like you are truly living in your new location? There are days when the life I am living feels like an extracorporeal experience. Like I think of my life and think, how is this my life? I am sure you must think I am over complicating an extremely common situation: moving out, for goodness sake! I am neither the first nor the last person to move to a new location. But hey, in my defense, I have always hated change so it is only normal that I am having such a hard time transitioning from my college days to adulthood.

I have now been here (notice how purposely I am avoiding using the word ‘living’ 🙂 for  a month. I can testify that Austin is really hot, like you-cannot-be-outside-for-more-than-five-mintues kind of hot. What are the highlights of this past month? Umm, the mosquitos are eating me alive; every day I wake up to find new bites on me. There is way too much dust in the air and no matter how many times you wash your car every week, it will most likely look like you have not washed it in a month. Traffic is awful and 8 out of 10 days you’ll find an accident on your way to/from work. However, Austin has a redeeming factor that almost makes up for all the inconveniences: the food.  Man, they really have good food in here!

I guess I have come to understand that ‘living’ is a gradual process rather than an isolated occurrence. Our living is actually a compound of multiple factors that one can only acquire with time: experiences, friends, memories, struggles, joys… And in matters of time, patience is almost always required. Like Edmond Dantès said: “All human wisdom is contained in these two words” ‘wait’ and ‘hope’!”

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