2019 goals


Though the excitement of NYE’s is wearing off, and the day after today will feel like any other tedious day, today we are given an opportunity that comes around only once a year: the first day of the year. A new year… a blank canvas, a clean slate, a do-over, a fresh start. And sure, yeah, one could argue that when wanted or needed, any day is good to make a change in our lives. BUT, there is something more official, perhaps even more bounding, for starting new goals on 1/1.

So what are my goals this year? I’ve decided, based on my last few years failed attempts, that I am only going to keep three goals this year. Otherwise, there’s absolutely no way I will stick to them. Thought the number of my goals is minuscule, my resolution to keep them is huge. This year I will:

  1. Learn a new language.
  2. Exercise four times per week.
  3. Stop using my cellphone 30 min. before going to sleep.

The world is wide open for anything, for everything!

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