Pinning Board v.3

(Andrew Harnik | AP photo)

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden kisses Brayden Harrington, 12, at a campaign stop at Gilford Community Church, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, in Gilford, N.H. Biden and Harrington have spoken to each other about their stutter they have both struggled with.

#1: Would You Jump In to Stop an Assault?

I’ve always found it very intriguing the disconnect that we all seem to have between the person we think we are and the person we really are. We all would like to believe that we will jump in to stop a bully, but in reality, when push comes to shovel, very few people have the courage to act. I don’t think that makes us (the by-standers that we all have been at some point or another) bad persons. In any case, it makes us sane…that self-preservation instinct, fight or flight, right?

However, what it’s admirable are those people who, despite their fears and their disadvantages, still choose to stand up for and stand by with those who need it.

#2: Kindness counts

Whenever asked what my core values are, I always say kindness and gratitude. Never underestimate the impact that a little act of kindness can have on other people’s lives.

#3: I’ll Never Let Myself Love a Job Again

This was an interesting reading to me because I can identified with how she was feeling. I too have found myself overly attached to a job, only to find that in the end a job is a job and nothing more. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong in loving what you do; the problem is loving the job itself. Recently, I too have come to the acceptance that I should not let myself love a job again.

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