#1: All That We Share

I mean this when I say that it has been a while since I teared up with a video. When you really think about it, we are all part of each other’s story.

“It’s easy to mind your own business. It takes a little more effort to mind the community. But doesn’t the feeling of having something in common, something that connect us, make it all worthwhile?”

#2: The Great Resignation

I quit my job last week so needless to say, this article resonated with me on a deeper level. What I find interesting, is that many important newspapers are writing about it, about the fact that workers are recognizing and, most importantly, doing something to improve their working conditions (or lack thereof).

There’s also this one: “this level of quitting is really an expression of optimism that says, We can do better.”

#3: “I vowed never to have a house bigger than I could clean myself.”

I too have considered this. When I was a teenager I used to dream of having a big house, one that would have many rooms, many features, many amenities.

It wasn’t until college that something in me changed. I no longer wished for a big house, I wanted a home. I wanted a small space that was filled with things all the people and things I love. A small kitchen that would be too cluttered, but also too crowded. A cozy living room whose couches would be too worn out, but also too full of stories. A tiny bedroom, that would be feel too small but never too lonely.

#4: Comments on Kindness

Restoring my faith in humanity: “We were taking our toddler daughters on a long flight. Shuttling the kids through baggage check and security, I forgot to buy milk. The airline didn’t serve milk on board, and my husband wondered if we could get by with coffee creamers (gotta love that fatherly ingenuity!). Finally, as we were sitting down (and my oldest was biting my arm for no obvious reason besides toddlerhood), the flight attendant came back with a pint of milk. ‘The captain got it for you,’ she said. Reader, I squeaked out a ‘thank you’ and immediately started crying. It was a small reminder when I needed it that we’re not islands, that the world is kind, that parenting is for all of us.

#5: The Kinder Side of The Squid Game

“No one who survives does so on their own, but because of the sacrifices of others.”


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