Things I’ve learned in 25 years


  1. Never act on your emotions. In the long run it will do you absolutely no good to say out loud the thought that crosses your mind when you’ve been insulted or to send the email that your fingers typed while fury clouded your judgement. And just as much, like my sister once wisely said to me, you cannot make long term decisions based on how you’re felling right now.
  2. Always have an umbrella on hand. Whether it is a sunny or rainy day, you can always do with an umbrella.
  3. More often than not, I’ve found that some important decisions have to be made in a relatively short amount of time. Because you want to make the best decisions, you’ve gotta know what you want in life. Granted, you almost never get what you bargained for, but knowing where you are headed sure saves you a lot of grief, insomnia, and tears.
  4. People don’t start in the same place. Be gentle.
  5. At some point, and hopefully sooner rather than later, we all have to reconcile the life we’ve got to the one we would have wanted to have.
  6. Not my words, but it is not productive to recycle regrets. I have heard, in different words though the message is the same, that we are the decisions we make. It has never been more clear to me that each one of us is the sum of all the countless decisions we make every single day, the big ones, the trivial ones, the ones that seem insignificant at the moment but carry more weight than they let on, the ones that we avoid, the ones we omit… It’s hard to imagine but in the end, even the decisions that make us suffer are essential components of who we are.
  7. On people, it will always matter more their character than their personality.
  8. Invest on good clothes that will last for years.
  9. There is power in visualization. On having a visual reminder of what you want in life.
  10. You can learn a lot about a man just by looking at how he acts around his friends.
  11. A sincere smile, a genuine interest, and a heartfelt thank you can go a looooong way.
  12. You have a choice. No matter the issue, no matter the problem you have the power to act on. You choose.
  13. Along with the point above, no one will bear the consequences of the decision you make but you. Good or bad, YOU will bear the brunt  or enjoy the sweet fruits of them,  so choose whatever will make YOU happy.
  14. Nix death, nothing in this life is irreversible.
  15. There is more truth in the lyrics of Vienna of Billy Joel than in any other song ever written.
  16. We are all fools in love.
  17. Discipline yourself to turn down a short-term gratification for a long-term reward.
  18. Patience is a divine attribute. I wish I had sometimes been more patient. To have the faith and conviction that things will unfold and work themselves out.
  19. The sooner you realize life is unfair, the better. Having said that, life is much better when you look at the kinder side of things.
  20. Not a knowledge but sometimes I wish we could see ourselves as others see us.
  21. I have changed the way I think of ‘a privileged life.’ I used to think, and perhaps for some of people it’s still is, a privileged life is one where the spend is not only sufficient but lavish. However, I have now realized that having a privileged life is far more meaningful that this. It’s having nurturing parents, caring siblings, loyal friends. It’s having a sense of belonging, a known purpose, a place to call home. And I for one, have had one. And for this I am grateful now, as I have been over the years.
  22. There is power in not caring what other people think of you. Dance if you feel like, in the elevator, in the shower, in the middle of a crowded plaza.
  23. You only make a first impression once. Make sure it’s a good one!
  24. Never make anyone feel stupid on purpose.
  25. This too shall pass. Never forget that this too shall pass.

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